How to avoid a buzz at an LA concert: It’s not the music that makes you a fan, but the way you’re treated

In the first installment of our series about why fans love to listen to music, we talked to a fan about how to avoid being bored at an upcoming concert.She said that she likes to listen while she waits to get into the crowd and has noticed a lot of people don’t seem to like […]

How to Use a DIY Drip Tip to Get the Best of Both Worlds

Drip tips are a staple of the DIY community, and the newest trend is using them as a way to create a buzz while enjoying a high.We’ve seen many users try using these tips to help them take a hit off a hot cigarette, and while the results can vary, we’ve found the most effective […]

Nicotine-free butter is good for you

If you’re looking for a way to cut back on nicotine use, consider dipping your butter into a nicotine-free blend.Nicotine-Free Butter (NFB) is a blend of two different fats that are similar in composition and taste.It’s the most common fat in butter, and it’s also the least addictive.While NFB is a natural fat, it’s not […]

How to buy nicotine salt, the new nicoderm nicotine,buy nicodem,nicotinic salt bestell

You may not be aware that the number one way to stop smoking is to stop using tobacco, according to the World Health Organization.But what does that mean for your nicotine?How much nicotine can you take?Nicotine is the chemical in tobacco that helps people stop smoking and reduce their risk of developing a new addiction.Nicotine […]

The best and worst of nicotine salts

The best: nicotinic acid, a natural sweetener.The worst: nicotine salt, an additive that washes out the taste of nicotine.Nicotinic Acid: The Real Deal?The science of the natural sweeteners That was the news of the day, but there was more to it than that.The nicotine salt controversy was about more than just the additives themselves.It was […]

How does nicotine salt work?

The nicotine salt is one of the most popular nicotine-free alternatives to traditional sugar, with many people believing it has more nutritional value than sugar itself.But this study is not looking at the nutrition of the salt itself, and it doesn’t address whether it is good for your heart.Instead, researchers from the University of Edinburgh […]

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