When will nicotine be available as a ‘nicotine replacement’ pill?

By RYAN MARTIN and CHRISTOPHER MURPHYNBERG”It’s a drug that is being marketed for a lot of people,” said the pharmacist, who asked not to be named.

“I think the government is doing a good job, but they have to be careful with it because it can cause addiction.

It can cause problems with sleep, with eating, with getting up in the morning.”

The government said in a statement that it was aware of the concerns and that the Government of Canada was studying the matter.

“Nicotine is not a replacement for other substances, but rather a safe alternative to nicotine and is available to help people who want to quit smoking,” said spokesperson Christine Aylward.

“There is no evidence to suggest that nicotine is a better option for people trying to quit tobacco than a placebo.”

The pharmacist said that he believed the government should not be using a drug to make people quit smoking, but instead to get them to think about quitting.

“We don’t want people to think it’s an alternative, we want them to try it,” he said.

“People don’t like that idea.”

This is the second drug that has caused a stir this week after another pill was banned in New Zealand, with health warnings about the potential risks of the drug.

Last week, a court ruled that a drug called “caffeine replacement therapy” should be removed from the market, saying it was a “dangerous” addiction drug and that it should be restricted.

The health minister has said that a ban on nicotine replacement therapy would be temporary and that there will be a review of the law.

The drug industry has said it will be ready to fight the decision.

The government of New Zealand has warned of possible changes to the law after it was reported that the government was considering banning the sale of nicotine patches.

The country’s Department of Health said it had received reports that a number of health experts were urging the government to consider banning the drug, with one of the main arguments being that the drugs were not medically sound and could lead to serious health problems.

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