How to avoid a buzz at an LA concert: It’s not the music that makes you a fan, but the way you’re treated

In the first installment of our series about why fans love to listen to music, we talked to a fan about how to avoid being bored at an upcoming concert.

She said that she likes to listen while she waits to get into the crowd and has noticed a lot of people don’t seem to like the band playing their music.

So, she’s going to go out to a local concert and just let them do their thing, but she’s also going to bring along her iPod to listen too.

Here are her tips to get your mind off the music: 1.

Make sure your phone is turned on, and that you have plenty of battery left.2.

Have a good microphone, because there are a lot more people at the show than people in the crowd.3.

Wear headphones.4.

Wear a mask and earmuffs.5.

Don’t be afraid to walk up to people who are listening to the band and say “Hey, I want to listen!”6.

If you’re a fan of one of the bands playing, don’t assume they’ll be all that interested in you.

They might just want to keep their headphones turned up all the way to the back and enjoy your entertainment.7.

Be careful of any fans who are wearing headphones.

If they can’t hear you, they’ll probably think you’re listening to someone else.8.

When someone is walking up to you, don,e expect them to turn around and listen to you.

If someone is in the front row, don-t stand next to them and ask them to listen.9.

Listen for the bass drum, and don’t focus on that.

You don’t want to miss the moment when the bass drops and they say, “Oh, I forgot.”10.

If it’s a local band playing, try not to focus on the band members.

Instead, listen to the songs they’re playing and then move on to the next song.

If the band starts playing their songs again, you can leave and come back to them later.11.

It’s always good to try out new music when you go to a concert.

If there’s a new band, make sure you have a good time and don-tee the people that are there.12.

Don-t think about what you want to do in the moment, but remember that your brain is constantly working to keep you from going crazy.

Just remember to stay focused and enjoy the music.

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