Canadian company sells nicotine to Australia for $15m

A Canadian company has sold nicotine salts to Australia at a price that is far above the cost of producing the drug.

A statement from a company in the United States said the purchase was made to help meet “market needs”.

The Australian government had been concerned about the impact on the country’s tobacco and alcohol industries after it found that nicotine salts were being sold to Australia as a substitute for tobacco.

The sale of the nicotine salts came a day after the Federal Government released a package of new measures aimed at tackling the problem of nicotine addiction.

The Federal Government said it was also trying to stop people smuggling the drugs.

The deal is worth about $15 million to Australia.

Mr O’Brien said it is the latest example of a Canadian company getting a deal that is above cost.

He said it showed the Government of Canada was listening to the voices of the tobacco industry.

“There’s a lot of people in the tobacco trade, and I’m not just talking about Canada, there’s many, many tobacco companies that have found that the way that they operate, and what they’re doing, is really detrimental to the health of the people that work in that industry,” he said.

The new package of measures, including tougher penalties for those who break the law, has been welcomed by the Australian Government. “

I think that’s one of the things that has made this such a successful deal for the Canadian industry.”

The new package of measures, including tougher penalties for those who break the law, has been welcomed by the Australian Government.

Mr Abbott said the deal was a win for the country.

“We can’t go on doing what we’ve done so far,” he told ABC Radio.

“This is not a case where we’re making a choice to ignore the health risks to people, but rather a choice that we’re taking seriously.”

In addition to the Australian deal, the United Kingdom has approved a deal worth $5 million to purchase nicotine salts from a Canadian manufacturer.

A spokesman for the Government in the UK said it had not yet been decided whether to approve the deal.

He added that the Government was still reviewing the results of the international studies that have been carried out to determine if they should be made public.

The New South Wales Government has also approved a new package worth $12 million for the use of nicotine salts in the state.

NSW Premier Mike Baird said the Government had also approved the sale of two other products to Australia worth up to $4 million.

Mr Baird said his government would consider whether the use should be allowed.

“The NSW Government has been open and transparent in its dealings with our trading partners and will make decisions based on our priorities, but this is one of those areas where we have to make sure that we have the right advice on this,” he added.

“Because this is something that we need to do with the health and wellbeing of our people.”

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