Why are you eating more sugar and carbs?

Why are your carb intake and sugar intake getting out of control?

That’s the question that prompted an American study to investigate the relationship between the consumption of refined carbohydrates and obesity and diabetes, according to a press release from the researchers.

Researchers from the University of Southern California found that individuals who consumed the most refined carbs had higher blood sugar levels and metabolic syndrome than individuals who ate the least.

Researchers also found that the more refined carbs the individuals consumed, the higher their triglycerides and blood pressure levels.

“We found that consuming a large portion of refined carbohydrate intake can increase the risk of obesity and metabolic disorders such as metabolic syndrome, triglycerides, and hypertension,” the researchers wrote in the press release.

“These findings suggest that it is critical to reduce refined carbohydrate consumption to maintain weight loss.”

Researchers found that there are two main ways refined carbohydrates affect blood sugar and metabolic outcomes.

One is through increasing the amount of insulin in the blood, which makes the body absorb sugar from the food that it consumes.

Another is through the absorption of other carbohydrates in the bloodstream, which causes the body to store more of those carbohydrates.

The researchers concluded that increased sugar consumption and insulin levels could increase the likelihood of metabolic syndrome and obesity, and that a diet low in refined carbohydrates is linked to the development of these conditions.

“While the association between refined carbohydrates consumption and metabolic risk factors is not clear, we found that this relationship may be due to the consumption and ingestion of refined carbs in a high-sugar environment,” the scientists wrote in their study.

“For instance, it has been suggested that high consumption of processed carbohydrates may lead to increased consumption of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a sugar that has been linked to diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome/hypertension, and insulin resistance.”

The researchers said they are not yet certain why refined carbohydrates increase the chances of developing metabolic syndrome.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Source: ABC News article

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