Smoking weed can make you more likely to die

Smoking weed may be more dangerous than cigarettes, according to a new study.

The study published in the journal BMJ also found smoking cannabis can make someone more likely die in a car crash. 

The study was conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University and published in March 2018.

“It’s pretty clear that cannabis can lead to death,” study co-author Dr Richard Dube told AAP.

“This is a very high rate of death, and even if you’re smoking it you are at higher risk.”

The Johns Hopkins study looked at the risk of death from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in a study of people who had smoked pot in the past month.

“There was no association with marijuana smoking and all the risk factors were there, including lung cancer,” Dr Dube said.

“We looked at all the cannabis products we have access to, all the strains of cannabis that we’ve used, and the studies were all very consistent.”

The people that smoked the most cannabis were the people who were smoking the most marijuana.

“So, it is possible that, even if we think that people who smoke cannabis are less likely to get lung cancer, it might not be the case.”

Dr Dube explained that the study’s results were “based on a small sample size” and that other studies could be done to look at the risks of marijuana use in other populations.

“I think it’s fair to say that smoking cannabis is a bad idea,” he said.

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