How to Get a Lemon Nicotine Salt Flavor in Your Diet

It’s the second time a lemon has been added to an online vape recipe.

The flavor, which is popular in the US, is named Mangi, after the popular lemons in India.

The Lemon Nicotine Salts vape company, Mangi Nicotine SalTS, started selling the vape products in October and has received a steady stream of customers who like the taste.

“We were so excited to finally get the Mangi flavor into our line of vape products,” said Andrew Schmitt, founder and CEO of Mangi.

The company has been testing the flavor in its vape juice and the company is also working on a juice flavor that is similar to the Mangis.

Mangi said it is working on several flavors that are similar to its popular lemon, such as a lemon lemon, and strawberry lemon.

“There’s so much innovation happening in the vape industry right now that we are excited to bring Mangi to our community and to our customers, including those who prefer our lemon flavor,” Schmitt said.

The Mangi nicotine salts flavor has been available for a while.

In December, Mangis maker, Mangigrain, started shipping a flavor that was similar to Mangi in the UK.

The vape company has also launched flavors for other countries.

In addition to the US and UK, other countries are coming to the market.

The UK’s Mint Julep, which has been around for a couple of years, has received some interest from customers, and some vape manufacturers are offering nicotine salts flavored lemon.

The flavoring in Mint Julesp is called Lime Lime, which the company hopes will appeal to those who like lemon.

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