New York City to add nicotine salt headache to list of medical conditions

New York, NY — The City Council approved a proposal Monday to allow residents to legally purchase nicotine salts.

The measure, which now goes to the Mayor’s desk, will allow users to purchase a nicotine salt in pill form and have it delivered to their doorsteps.

“It’s not like nicotine is some kind of miracle drug,” said Councilmember Luis Marquez, who sponsored the measure.

“Nicotine is a painkiller and it’s very addictive.”

The measure would not apply to non-prescription products like patches or nasal sprays.

The City Attorney’s Office is expected to review the proposal to make sure it’s in compliance with New York law.

“This is a public health issue,” Marquez said.

“If you’re getting a headache from a nicotine patch, this is a product that you can legally get.

It’s not a new product.”

The City Council voted 12-2 to approve the measure in December.

The measure would be a first in New York.

It would be legal to buy a nicotine-laced nasal spray, as well as a nicotine inhaler.

The City Attorney is expected on Monday to consider whether to approve a similar measure that would allow people to legally get a nicotine nasal spray and a nicotine vapor inhaler in pill forms.

The Mayor’s Office of Health and Mental Hygiene will provide guidance on the proposal, and the Council’s health committee is expected Wednesday to approve it.

The proposed regulation is a departure from the more lenient rules that have existed for other products.

In January, New York state became the first state in the nation to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public places, citing the risk to public health.

The New York Health Department has not yet responded to requests for comment.

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