How to stop the cola nicotine and nicotine salts craze from ruining your life

With the launch of a new line of nicotine and soda sweeteners, Coca-Cola has become the latest brand to take aim at the industry’s top-selling product.

The $6.98 per bottle Coca-cola Nicorette, which was launched last week in conjunction with the World Cancer Research Fund’s Cola and Sweetener Survey, is designed to give consumers a choice in terms of which sweetener they want to buy.

“We want to give people the choice to use a sugar free product that is just as sweet and has a more concentrated flavor,” said Dan Cassadaga, Coca Cola’s senior director of product management.

The Cola Nicetree will be the first in the company’s cola line and will come in a bottle with the company logo on the top, alongside a number in the upper right corner.

“You can pick the flavor of your favorite drink,” said Cassadago.

The sweetener, which is a combination of cane sugar and artificial sweeteners called nectarines, is sweet enough to be called cola but can also be mixed into a drink for a sweeter experience.

The drink is meant to be used in place of sugar, but can be used as a substitute for sugar for a similar effect.

“Nicorette can also provide a sweetener with a higher concentration of flavor than other colas,” said Jennifer Hirsch, senior vice president of marketing for Coca-Cola.

Cassadaga said Nicetrees will be available in two flavors: the regular-size and the “premium” Nicetrextreme, both of which contain 60mg of nicotine.

“This is our third year with Nicetrea and the first time we’ve expanded to Nicetretrextrextra, which has more of a nicotine kick,” he said.

“I think people are very pleased with this.”

Cassadago also said the Nicetreme will be an alternative to colas that have added artificial sweetener in the past.

“Coca-Cola is going to have a range of sweeteners to choose from,” he added.

Coca Cola is hoping that people will be able to enjoy a drink that is more natural and without the artificial sweetening.

“People are really embracing the idea that they can enjoy a really natural, clean drink with a bit of sweetness and a little bit of flavor,” Cassadagon said.

Codes of ethicsThe new product comes as the industry grapples with a rise in the number of products on the market that are sugary, with many claiming they are safe and have no added sugars.

“What is exciting about Nicetres is that you can choose from a range and flavors, so people are really able to make their own decisions and we think Nicetrex will do the same,” said Hirsch.

The new Nicetrete will not be the only sweetener to make an appearance in the Coca- Cola cola lineup.

The company is also introducing a new cola that is sweetened with a mix of Stevia and Stevia-based sweeteners.

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