How to get rid of your nicotine addiction

By now, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a buzz about the word “nicotine.”

In recent years, it has been used to describe a number of substances that can give users a high, but in recent years there have been reports of people suffering from nicotine addiction.

A new study suggests that, at least in some people, this buzz is overblown.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and the University at Albany found that about a quarter of smokers who reported using nicotine had actually stopped using the substance in recent months.

The researchers used data from the Monitoring the Future Study, a national longitudinal study of adults who have tried cigarettes and nicotine.

They then tested smokers for a variety of factors, including their health and mental health.

Their results revealed that smokers who quit smoking during the past year reported using less nicotine, and in particular less than a third of those who quit smoked daily.

In other words, the study suggests there’s not a significant amount of harm caused by using nicotine.

Instead, the researchers say, smokers who use nicotine often become addicted to other substances that could lead to addiction, like cocaine and heroin.

This could mean that the current surge in people trying to quit smoking could be due to people switching from other substances to nicotine, or a combination of those things.

The study is one of the first to look at the effect of a number to see if the use of other substances in combination is causing a similar increase in nicotine use.

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