What do you get when you combine an old, old-fashioned, and brand new-school cigar?

A few years ago, my friend Chris and I decided to take on an old-school smoke and bring it to the new school.

The result was an unexpected success, a new kind of cigar with more flavor than the old school offerings we were familiar with.

So, with a fresh new flavor and an old cigar in tow, we decided to explore the concept of cigar aging and the different steps you need to take to truly make a cigar stand out.

We thought we’d start with the basics, and then delve into the different facets of cigar-aging.

We’re not saying this is a comprehensive guide to cigar aging, but we do want to get you started.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ What is Cigar Aging?

Cigar aging refers to the process of smoking cigars over a certain number of years.

This process can be done either by a humidor or by the smoking of cigars.

There are two different types of cigar production: single-malt or triple-mALT (or triple-double-double) aging.

Single-malkylate production requires a humidification system that adds moisture to the smoke, while triple-malted (or double-malts) production requires humidification systems that add moisture to both the smoke and the tobacco.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ What Is Cigar-Ageing?

______________________________________________________________________ The main steps of cigar manufacturing include: CIGAR BUILDING _____________________________________________________________________The cigar building process begins with a humidifying chamber that contains air to humidify the smoke.

_______________________________________________________The process of humidifying the smoke is a combination of two different steps: first, a humidifier is placed on top of the smoke; second, the humidifier removes moisture from the smoke while also keeping the temperature constant.

__________________ _______________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ A humidifier, or an air-in-the-house, humidifier works by creating a “vacuum” of air that is constantly inhaled by the smoker.

______________________________The process used to make cigars is the “smoke separation” process.

This is the process that separates the smoke from the tobacco by holding it in a humidified chamber until it becomes “smooth.”

__________________________________________ _______________________________________ ______________________________________ The “smell” is what is produced by the smoke separation process.

It is comprised of volatile aromas, which includes flavorings and other compounds.

___________________________________ ________________________________________ The tobacco is smoked into a cigar by being forced through a filter or into a barrel.

The smoke is then heated and squeezed until it produces a smoke.

A “rolling” process is used to roll the cigar and keep it from falling apart.

_______ ______________________________________________ The cigar is then aged.

This age is referred to as “filler” because it allows for the natural variation in the flavor of the cigar as it ages.

____ ___________________________________________ This age produces a finished cigar that can be used as an aftertaste or as a cigar replacement.

___ ______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________ How Cigar Age Cigars?

___________________________________To truly understand the different types and stages of cigar building, we need to go back to the beginning.

Cigar factories first began manufacturing cigars in the mid-18th century, and by the mid 20th century the industry was expanding.

Cigars started out as small, light cigars that could be smoked in the kitchen, in a cigar shop, or by a family or friends.

Cigarettes and cigars were widely used in the home during this time, as they were the main source of tobacco for the home.

_____ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ What is an “Old-School” Cigar?

_____________________The term “old-school” refers to a cigar that is an older version of a modern cigar.

This cigar is considered a “modern” cigar, which means it has been aged longer and has more tobacco flavor and aroma than a modern “old school” cigar.

__ ____________________

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