Why is a nicotine salt concentrate called eonssmoke?

Nicotine salt concentrate is the name of a nicotine salve product made by Alchem Nicotine that has been marketed to people suffering from nicotine addiction.

It is marketed by Alchemical Labs in the UK and by UK pharmaceutical firm Naturalex in the US.

“The eons Smoke is one of the most potent nicotine salts that we have developed and is highly addictive and highly addictive, with some users having experienced hallucinations, psychosis, severe paranoia, and even violent behaviour,” Alchem said in a statement to Al Jazeera.

It has also been used in conjunction with other drugs such as MDMA.

The product has also sparked controversy in the United States, with the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) announcing it was investigating a range of other products that are marketed as eonsSmoke.

In an article in the Los Angeles Times on February 5, 2016, US Attorney General Eric Holder said the department was looking into “allegations that eons Smoke is being sold to people who have been using illegal drugs and has been responsible for the deaths of a number of US citizens”.

The US Drug Control Agency (DCA) in a letter to the FDA in November 2015 said that the company has marketed eons-smoke to people with serious addictions to nicotine and alcohol.

The DCA added that the products “are not FDA-approved and are a danger to people”.

The DEA also stated that its own investigation into the products found “no evidence that the drugs were properly marketed”.

According to the LA Times, a petition was launched on Change.org last month calling on the US government to ban eons, saying it had been “manufactured to appeal to young, impressionable minds”.

Alchem, which was founded in 2006, has a long history of products including nicotine salts and nicotine gum.

The company was formed in 1996, and has now expanded into more than 200 products including a range containing nicotine salts.

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